Rotolatch™ is a patented latch and hook system that engages and disengages without active actuation. Rotolatch™ can be used on delivery drones to pick up and drop off packages without the need for additional actuators. It offers a fast, inexpensive, reliable, and repeatable automated delivery loop.

Flexible Drone Auto-Loading Options

Rotolatch™ tied to a tether or directly attached to a drone to allow virtually any delivery drone to also autonomously pick up it’s next package. Auto-Loading stations do not have any moving parts or complicated mechanisms and can also be autonomously loaded using the Rotolatch™ system.


Drone and landing jig built by an undergraduate team at University of Texas at Dallas.

Tethered Pick-Up

A $300 toy drone can easily load a demo package on it’s tether using a simple plastic assist cone.

Status Summary

Rotolatch™ is fully-engineered and ready to integrate into any robotic fleet.

  • Validated injection-moldable hook and latch design
  • Scalable system can fit any payload size requirements
  • Verified, inexpensive drone-assist jig designs available
  • Comprehensive patent portfolio with continuity to 2012